What's the purpose of the site?

Brag about your high scores. Submit screen-shots as proof.

What does it cost? Who can use it?

It's free, and anyone can use it. You can login or post anonymously. Login is handled with Google accounts.

Why am I logging in with my Google account?

Because it's quick and easy for everyone involved. Bragproof doesn't get any access to your private data from Google. All we can see is your email, which you would probably provide us with if you made an account here. Your email will never be displayed publicly on the site.

If login is optional, why would I?

Logging in gets you braglinks to your individual brags, a page with all your submitted images, and lots of other cool features down the road. Besides, what's the point of braggin' if you're anonymous?

Are there restrictions as to what games I can brag about?

Heck no. Submit screen shots from anything you can grab them from. iPhone, Android (good luck), PC, Mac. If you're determined enough, you could take a 35mm photo of yourself next to your high score on an old Pac Man machine, develop the film, scan it, and upload it.

Just keep it clean, some "games" you play shouldn't be bragged about here.


Feel free to contact us at info at bragproof.com or drop me a note directly at mike at bragproof.com