Experimental Email Upload Feature

In BragProof you can brag about any game you want. Some of those games are on your iPhone. How can you upload those images without too much hassle?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Get your high score screen up
  2. Take a screen shot by pressing the home and sleep button at the same time
  3. Find the screen shot in the Photo Album
  4. Send as attachment by tapping the button on the bottom left
  5. - (Add this email to your address book)
  6. Write the name of the game and the score in the Subject. Keep the score at the end of the subject, separated by a space
You can email from any account.
To claim your brags later: if the account is a google account, login. If it's not a google account, you can create a new google account for that email address, then log in with it.
Of course, the email feature is enabled from any platform, not just the iPhone. Just one more way to get a brag up quickly.